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brood British & World English

A family of birds or other young animals produced at one hatching or birth

brood English Thesaurus

it flew under the bridge to feed its brood

last brood British & World English

The most recent brood of a pair of birds, etc., or the final brood of a breeding season; also †figurative.

brood pouch British & World English

A pouch in certain fish, frogs, and invertebrates in which the eggs are protected before hatching

foul brood British & World English

A fatal bacterial disease of larval honeybees

brood parasite British & World English

An animal that lays its eggs in the nest of another animal (of the same or a different species), leaving the host to care for them and the eventual young, to the detriment of the host's young.

brood parasitism British & World English

The mode of life characteristic of brood parasites.

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