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buy-in British & World English

A purchase of shares by a broker after a seller has failed to deliver similar shares, the original seller being charged any difference in cost

buy something in in buy British & World English

Withdraw something at auction because it fails to meet the reserve price

management buy-in in buy-in British & World English

A purchase of shares in a company by managers who are not employed by it

buy-in English-Spanish

adquisición f, de acciones propias

buy in English-Spanish

comprarpara abastecerse

if in doubt, don't buy it/don't go in doubt English-Spanish

si estás en (la) duda, no lo compres/no vayas

to buy/sell securities in the open market in open English-Spanish

comprar/vender valores en el mercado libre

you're expecting the electorate to buy a pig in a poke in pig English-Spanish

ustedes pretenden que el electorado los vote a ciegas

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