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calamus British & World English

another term for sweet flag.

calamus root in calamus British & World English

A preparation of the aromatic root of the sweet flag

Calamus in lawyer vine British & World English

An Australian climbing palm which is thickly covered in sharp spines and recurved hooks. It grows in rainforest, where groups may form dense tangled thickets

Calamus in porgy British & World English

A deep-bodied fish related to the sea breams, which is typically silvery but sometimes changes to a blotched pattern. It usually lives in warm coastal waters

Calamus in rattan British & World English

The tropical Old World climbing palm which yields rattan, with long, spiny, jointed stems

Acorus calamus in sweet flag British & World English

An Old World waterside plant of the arum family, with leaves that resemble those of the iris. It is used medicinally and as a flavouring

Calamus scipionum in malacca British & World English

Brown cane that is used for walking sticks and umbrella handles