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candy British & World English

Sweets; confectionery

sugar candy in candy British & World English

Sweets; confectionery

arm candy British & World English

A sexually attractive companion accompanying a person, especially a celebrity, at social events

candy-ass British & World English

A timid, cowardly, or despicable person

ear candy British & World English

Light popular music that is pleasant and entertaining but intellectually undemanding

eye candy British & World English

Visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding

brain candy British & World English

Popular entertainment that is not intellectually stimulating

candy cane British & World English

A cylindrical stick of striped sweet rock with a curved end, resembling a walking stick

candy corn British & World English

A form of chewy candy shaped like a large kernel of corn

rock candy British & World English

A kind of hard confectionery typically made of masses of crystallized sugar

nose candy British & World English

An illegal drug that is inhaled, in particular cocaine

candy-striped British & World English

(Of material or a garment) patterned with alternating stripes of white and another colour, typically pink

candy-striper British & World English

A female voluntary nurse in a hospital

cotton candy British & World English

North American term for candyfloss.

candyfloss British & World English

A mass of pink or white fluffy spun sugar wrapped round a stick

candy English-Spanish

golosinas, dulces

arm candy English-Spanish

hombre, mujer

candy-ass English-Spanish

pazguato,, baboso,

candy bar English-Spanish

golosina en barra

candy-assed English-Spanish

pazguato colloquial/familiar, baboso

candy cane English-Spanish

barra, barra

candy store English-Spanish

tienda, tienda, tienda

nose candy English-Spanish

cocaína feminine, coca femininecolloquial/familiar

rock candy English-Spanish

barra de caramelo de colores

cotton candy English-Spanish

algodón masculine de azúcar

a bag of assorted candy in assorted English-Spanish

una bolsa de caramelos surtidos

fruit's much better for you than candy in better English-Spanish

la fruta es mucho más sana que los caramelos