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career British & World English

An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress

career break British & World English

A period of time during which one chooses not to work, typically in order to bring up one’s children or pursue other interests

career structure British & World English

A recognized pattern of advancement within a job or profession

career English Thesaurus

he spent three years training for a business career

career English-Spanish

carrera feminine

career break English-Spanish


career change English-Spanish

cambio, cambio

career ladder English-Spanish

escala, escala

career diplomat in career English-Spanish

diplomático, -ca masculine, feminine de carrera

a career diplomat in diplomat English-Spanish

un diplomático de carrera

career-oriented women in -oriented English-Spanish

mujeres para quienes la profesión es muy importante

drinking wrecked her health/career in wreck English-Spanish

la bebida le arruinó la salud/la carrera

success in one's career in success English-Spanish

el éxito en la vida profesional

throughout her/his career in throughout English-Spanish

a lo largo de toda su carrera

early (on) in her career in early English-Spanish

al principio de su carrera

the company's career structure in structure English-Spanish

la estructura del escalafón de la compañía

his career/life ended tragically in end English-Spanish

su carrera/vida terminó de un modo trágico

a low point in his career in low English-Spanish

un momento bajo en su carrera

his life/career was in ruins in ruin English-Spanish

su vida/carrera estaba arruinada

he launched her on her film career in launch English-Spanish

la lanzó en su carrera cinematográfica

how can he salvage his career now? in salvage English-Spanish

¿cómo va a salvar su carrera ahora?

a career that spanned 60 years in span English-Spanish

una carrera que abarcó 60 años

the high spot of the evening/his career in high spot English-Spanish

el punto culminante de la velada/su carrera

she made it fairly late in her career in make English-Spanish

alcanzó el éxito bastante tarde en su carrera

the promotion was a landmark in his career in landmark English-Spanish

el ascenso marcó un hito en su carrera

the award rounded off a brilliant career in round English-Spanish

el galardón fue el broche de oro de una carrera brillante

the award rounded off a brilliant career in round off English-Spanish

el galardón fue el broche de oro de una carrera brillante

that would be a step up in her career in step English-Spanish

eso significaría un ascenso para ella

this turned her career in a new direction in turn English-Spanish

esto dio un nuevo rumbo a su carrera

he appears bent on destroying his own career in bent English-Spanish

parece empeñado en destruir su carrera

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