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caring British & World English

Displaying kindness and concern for others

care British & World English

Feel concern or interest; attach importance to something

caring profession British & World English

A job that involves looking after other people, such as nursing, teaching, or social work

past British & World English

Beyond the limits or scope of

care for/to do something in care British & World English

Like or be willing to do or have something

care for in care British & World English

Look after and provide for the needs of

not give a fig in fig1 British & World English

Not have the slightest concern about

not give a fig British & World English

Not have the slightest concern about

twopence British & World English

A trivial sum; anything at all

not give a whoop British & World English

Be totally indifferent

caring English Thesaurus

a caring, approachable employer

caring English-Spanish


the caring professions in caring English-Spanish

las profesiones de vocación social

I'm so tired I'm beyond caring in beyond English-Spanish

estoy tan cansado que ya no me importa

the abiding image is of a caring person in abiding English-Spanish

la impresión que deja es la de una persona bondadosa

they can do what they like, I'm past caring in past English-Spanish

por mí que hagan lo que quieran, ya no me importa

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