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ceiling British & World English

The upper interior surface of a room or other similar compartment

ceil British & World English

Line or plaster the roof of (a building)

ceiling rose British & World English

A circular mounting on a ceiling, through which the wiring of an electric light passes

debt ceiling British & World English

An upper limit set on the amount of money that a government may borrow

glass ceiling British & World English

An unacknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities

service ceiling British & World English

The maximum height at which a particular type of aircraft can sustain a specified rate of climb

cathedral ceiling British & World English

A pointed or slanting ceiling of a room that rises through more than one floor

suspended ceiling British & World English

A ceiling with a space between it and the floor above from which it hangs

ceiling English Thesaurus

the ceiling was painted yellow

ceiling English-Spanish

techo masculine, cielo masculine raso

ceiling rose English-Spanish

rosetón masculine

glass ceiling English-Spanish

techo masculine de cristal, tope masculine

up to the ceiling/edge in up English-Spanish

hasta el techo/el borde

a damp patch on the ceiling in patch English-Spanish

una mancha de humedad en el techo

water was dripping from the ceiling in drip English-Spanish

el techo goteaba, caían gotas del techo

to hit the ceiling o the roof in hit English-Spanish

poner* el grito en el cielo

water had leaked through the ceiling in leak English-Spanish

había entrado agua por el techo

there are damp patches on the ceiling in damp English-Spanish

hay manchas de humedad en el techo

a splendid chandelier hung from the ceiling in hang English-Spanish

del techo colgaba una espléndida araña

I noticed water dripping from the ceiling in notice English-Spanish

noté que caían gotas de agua del techo

to help women break through the glass ceiling of promotion in glass ceiling English-Spanish

ayudar a las mujeres a romper las barreras que les impiden continuar ascendiendo