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champagne British & World English

A white sparkling wine from Champagne

Champagne British & World English

A former province of NE France, which now corresponds to the Champagne-Ardenne administrative region. The region is noted for the white sparkling wine first produced there in about 1700

fine champagne British & World English

Brandy from the Champagne district of the Cognac region of which half or more of the content comes from the central Grande Champagne

Champagne-Ardenne British & World English

A region of NE France, comprising part of the Ardennes forest and the vine-growing area of Champagne

Champagne Charlie British & World English

A man who lives a life of luxury and excess

champagne socialist British & World English

A person who espouses socialist ideals while enjoying a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle

champagne English-Spanish

champán m, champaña

a champagne glass in glass English-Spanish

una copa de champán

I just adore champagne in just English-Spanish

a mí me encanta el champán

you won? this calls for champagne! in call English-Spanish

¿ganaste? ¡esto hay que celebrarlo con champán!

you won? this calls for champagne! in call for English-Spanish

¿ganaste? ¡esto hay que celebrarlo con champán!

champagne? sparkling wine, more like! in like English-Spanish

¿champán? ¡dirás más bien vino espumante!

champagne is always an OK drink in OK English-Spanish

el champán siempre queda bien

there's nothing quite like champagne in quite English-Spanish

realmente no hay como el champán

we had champagne, the real thing! in thing English-Spanish

tomamos champán ¡del auténtico!

we were given the full treatment: luxury accommodation, champagne … in treatment English-Spanish

nos trataron a cuerpo de rey: alojamiento de lujo, champán …

it's the next best thing to champagne in next English-Spanish

después del champán, es lo mejor que hay

I can't afford beer, let alone champagne in alone English-Spanish

no puedo comprar ni cerveza, para qué hablar de champán

you can't compare cheap wine and champagne in compare English-Spanish

el vino barato y el champán no se pueden comparar

let's go the whole hog and have champagne in hog English-Spanish

mira, de perdidos, al río: pidamos champán

sparkling wine is the poor man's champagne in poor English-Spanish

el vino espumoso es el champán de los pobres

it isn't enough for a beer, never mind champagne in mind English-Spanish

no alcanza ni para una cerveza, cuanto menos champán

we toasted the happy couple with o in champagne in toast English-Spanish

brindamos por la feliz pareja con champán

do you like champagne? — indeed I do o I do indeed in indeed English-Spanish

¿te gusta el champán? — ¡si me gustará … !

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