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charter British & World English

A written grant by the sovereign or legislative power of a country, by which a body such as a borough, company, or university is created or its rights and privileges defined

charter English Thesaurus

the company is operating under Royal charter

chartered in charter British & World English

Grant a charter to (a city, university, or other body)

Charter Mark British & World English

(In the UK) an award granted to institutions for exceptional public service under the terms of the Citizen’s Charter

charter party British & World English

A deed between a shipowner and a trader for the hire of a ship and the delivery of cargo

Great Charter British & World English

Another name for Magna Carta.

charter flight British & World English

A flight by an aircraft chartered for a specific journey, not part of an airline’s regular schedule

charter member British & World English

An original or founding member of a society or organization

charter school British & World English

(In North America) a publicly funded independent school established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority

Atlantic Charter British & World English

A declaration of eight common principles in international relations drawn up by Churchill and Roosevelt in August 1941, which provided the ideological basis for the United Nations organization

Citizen's Charter British & World English

A document setting out the rights of citizens, especially a British government document of 1991 that guaranteed citizens the right of redress on occasions where a public service failed to meet certain standards

Charter School in charter school British & World English

A school established by the Charter Society (founded for that purpose in 1733) to provide a Protestant education to poor Catholics in Ireland