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chat1 British & World English

Talk in a friendly and informal way

chat2 British & World English

A small Old World songbird of the thrush family, with black, white, and brown coloration and a harsh call

chat-up British & World English

An act of talking flirtatiously to someone

chat room British & World English

An area on the Internet or other computer network where users can communicate, typically one dedicated to a particular topic

chat show British & World English

A television or radio programme in which celebrities are invited to talk informally about various topics

chit-chat British & World English

Inconsequential conversation

chat group British & World English

A group of people who communicate regularly via the Internet, usually in real time but also by e-mail

robin-chat British & World English

An African chat with a mainly dark back and orange underparts

video chat British & World English

A face-to-face conversation held over the Internet by means of webcams and dedicated software

chat someone up in chat1 British & World English

Engage someone in flirtatious conversation

fireside chat British & World English

An informal conversation

pas de chat British & World English

A jump in which each foot in turn is raised to the opposite knee

langue de chat British & World English

A very thin finger-shaped crisp biscuit or piece of chocolate

chat someone up British & World English

Engage someone in flirtatious conversation

backchat British & World English

Rude or cheeky remarks made in reply to someone in authority

chatbot British & World English

A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet

chatline British & World English

A telephone service which allows conversation among a number of separate callers

chat English Thesaurus

I popped into Gill's house for a chat

chat English-Spanish

charla f, conversación fesp AmL, plática fAmC, Méx

chat Spanish-English

chat room

chit-chat English Thesaurus

Lucenzo didn't indulge in idle chit-chat

chat room English-Spanish

chat m, tertulia f digital

chat show English-Spanish

tertulia f, programa m de entrevistas

video-chat English-Spanish

chatear por video or

chat up English-Spanish

darle* jabón a

chat show host in chat show English-Spanish

presentador, -doram,f de un programa de entrevistas

Bill stopped in for a chat in stop English-Spanish

Bill pasó por aquí para charlar

Bill stopped in for a chat in stop in English-Spanish

Bill pasó por aquí para charlar

it's time we had a serious chat in chat English-Spanish

es hora de que hablemos seriamente

why don't you toddle over for a chat? in toddle English-Spanish

¿por qué no te vienes a charlar un rato?

we had a long chat, but you wouldn't remember in will English-Spanish

charlamos un rato largo, pero tú no te acordarás

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