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cheer British & World English

Shout for joy or in praise or encouragement

cheer English Thesaurus

she acknowledged the cheers of the onlookers

good cheer in cheer British & World English

Cheerfulness, optimism, or confidence

applaud someone to the echo British & World English

Applaud (or cheer) someone enthusiastically

Bronx cheer British & World English

A sound of derision or contempt made by blowing through closed lips with the tongue between them

of good cheer British & World English

Cheerful; optimistic

cheer up in cheer English Thesaurus

once I got inside the house I began to cheer up

cheer someone on in cheer English Thesaurus

knots of spectators were there to cheer me on

cheer someone up in cheer English Thesaurus

I asked her out to lunch to cheer her up