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chit1 British & World English

A short official note, typically recording a sum owed

chit2 British & World English

An impudent or arrogant young woman

chit3 British & World English

Cause (a potato) to sprout by placing it in a cool light place

chit-chat British & World English

Inconsequential conversation

chit fund British & World English

(In South Asia) an institution which accepts savings at interest and lends money for house and other purchases

chit-chat English Thesaurus

Lucenzo didn't indulge in idle chit-chat

blood chit British & World English

Military slang. A message carried by aircraft (also occasionally military) personnel, designed to protect them from harm if stranded in hostile territory, typically by offering a reward to local people for helping the service personnel to survive, or to return to their own lines unharmed. Also called gooly chit (British).