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chromosome British & World English

A thread-like structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes

chromosome New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

structure in a cell nucleus carrying genetic information

X chromosome British & World English

(In humans and other mammals) a sex chromosome, two of which are normally present in female cells (designated XX) and only one in male cells (designated XY)

Y chromosome British & World English

(In humans and other mammals) a sex chromosome which is normally present only in male cells, which are designated XY

chromosome map British & World English

A diagram showing the relative positions of genes along the length of a chromosome

sex chromosome British & World English

A chromosome concerned in determining the sex of an organism, typically one of two kinds

chromosome number British & World English

The characteristic number of chromosomes found in the cell nuclei of organisms of a particular species

Philadelphia chromosome British & World English

An abnormal small chromosome sometimes found in the leucocytes of leukaemia patients

X chromosome inactivation British & World English

The phenomenon in a female mammal whereby the genes in one of the pair of X chromosomes are silenced, with the result that their effects are equivalent to those in the male, with only a single X chromosome

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