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chuck1 British & World English

Throw (something) carelessly or casually

chuck2 British & World English

Touch (someone) playfully under the chin

chuck3 British & World English

A device for holding a workpiece in a lathe or a tool in a drill, typically having three or four jaws that move radially in and out

chuck4 British & World English

Food or provisions

chuck5 British & World English

Used as a friendly form of address

chuck6 British & World English

short for woodchuck.

the chuck in chuck1 British & World English

A dismissal or rejection

salt chuck British & World English

The sea, or an inlet of the sea which flows into a lake or river

chuck key British & World English

A small metal device for tightening the chuck of a drill

Berry, Chuck British & World English

(B.1926), American rock-and-roll singer, guitarist, and songwriter; born Charles Edward Berry. One of the first great rock-and-roll stars, he is known for songs such as ‘Johnny B Goode’ and ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’ (both 1958)

chuck wagon British & World English

A wagon with cooking facilities providing food on a ranch or by a roadside

Yeager, Chuck British & World English

(B.1923), American pilot; full name Charles Elwood Yeager. He became the first person to break the sound barrier when he piloted the Bell X-1 rocket research aircraft at high altitude to a level-flight speed of 670 mph in 1947

chuck someone out in chuck1 British & World English

Force someone to leave a building

chuck-a-luck British & World English

A gambling game played with dice

chuck it in chuck1 British & World English

Stop doing something

chuck someone out British & World English

Force someone to leave a building

chuck-will's-widow British & World English

A large nightjar native to eastern North America

chuck steak in chuck3 British & World English

A cut of beef that extends from the neck to the ribs, typically used for stewing

chuck English Thesaurus

he chucked the letter into the bin

chuck English-Spanish

corte de carne vacuna del cuarto delantero

chuck in English-Spanish

dejar, mandar al diablo

chuck up English-Spanish

→ chuck in

chuck away English-Spanish

derrochar, despilfarrar, tirar

chuck out English-Spanish

tirar, botar AmL exc RPl

chuck it in the garbage in chuck English-Spanish

tíralo a la basura, bótalo a la basura AmL exc RPl

to chuck sb under the chin in chuck English-Spanish

darle* una palmadita en la barbilla a algn