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clamp1 British & World English

A brace, band, or clasp for strengthening or holding things together

clamp2 British & World English

A heap of potatoes or other root vegetables stored under straw or earth

clamp English Thesaurus

a clamp holds the pieces of wood at right angles

clamp down British & World English

Suppress or prevent something in an oppressive or harsh manner

wheel clamp British & World English

A device for immobilizing an illegally parked car

voltage clamp British & World English

A constant electrical potential applied to a cell membrane, typically in order to measure ionic currents

clampdown British & World English

A concerted or harsh attempt to suppress something

wheel-clamp in wheel clamp British & World English

Immobilize (an illegally parked car) with a wheel clamp

voltage-clamp in voltage clamp British & World English

Apply a voltage clamp to (a membrane, cell, etc.)

clamp down on in clamp English Thesaurus

a new initiative to clamp down on software piracy