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clerical British & World English

Concerned with or relating to work in an office, especially routine documentation and administrative tasks

non-clerical British & World English

Not doing or involving routine clerical work in an office

clerical collar British & World English

A stiff upright white collar which fastens at the back, worn by the clergy in some churches

clerical error British & World English

A mistake made in copying or writing out a document

anticlerical British & World English

Opposed to the power or influence of the clergy, especially in politics

Crockford British & World English

Crockford’s Clerical Directory, a reference book of Anglican clergy in the British Isles first issued in 1860

clerical English Thesaurus

there are a number of clerical jobs to be done in a media department

clerical English-Spanish


clerical Spanish-English


clerical collar English-Spanish

alzacuello masculine, clergyman masculine

clerical worker English-Spanish

empleado, -da masculine, feminine de oficina, administrativo,

clerical assistant in assistant English-Spanish

auxiliar administrativo,

clerical assistant in clerical English-Spanish

oficinista masculine and feminine, empleado,

Crockford New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

reference book of Anglican clergy

a clerical/printing/spelling error in error English-Spanish

un error administrativo/de imprenta/ortográfico