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club1 British & World English

An association dedicated to a particular interest or activity

club2 British & World English

A heavy stick with a thick end, used as a weapon

club together in club1 British & World English

Combine with others so as to collect a sum of money for a particular purpose

club1 English Thesaurus

a youth club

club2 English Thesaurus

they beat him with a wooden club

aero club British & World English

A club for the pursuit and promotion of aviation.

auto club British & World English

Any of various clubs or organizations for motorists or car enthusiasts.

boat club British & World English

A club or organization for people who take part in (especially competitive) boating activities, as yachting, rowing, etc.

Boys' Club British & World English

Chiefly with capital initials. Any of various clubs for boys providing organized activities, often run after school hours by a charitable organization; specifically (US) one founded with the aim of offering a safe environment for the recreational activities of young people, especially vulnerable or deprived children.

club-hop British & World English

To move from nightclub to nightclub, typically spending a short time in each.

club kid British & World English

A young person who attends or belongs to a club; specifically one who frequents night clubs, especially dressing and behaving in a provocative or extreme manner or style.

one club British & World English

Designating a bidding system characterized by the frequent use of an artificial one club opening bid.

play club British & World English

A wooden-headed club used especially to play the ball from the tee, a driver.

pony club1 British & World English

(The name of) an international youth organization for young people interested in ponies and riding; a branch of this club.

pony club2 British & World English

To enter (a pony) in a pony club competition. Usually in pass.

rap club British & World English

A brothel which is ostensibly a club providing companionship and conversation (now rare).

book club British & World English

another term for book group.

car club British & World English

A group of people who have an arrangement for sharing a car or cars

club car British & World English

A railway carriage equipped with a lounge and other amenities

club face British & World English

The side of the head of a golf club that strikes the ball

club foot British & World English

A deformed foot which is twisted so that the sole cannot be placed flat on the ground

club soda British & World English

North American term for soda111.

fan club British & World English

An organized group of fans of a particular well-known person, group, team, etc.

film club British & World English

A group of people who meet regularly to watch films

glee club British & World English

A society for singing part-songs

golf club British & World English

A club used to hit the ball in golf, with a heavy wooden or metal head on a slender shaft

job club British & World English

(In the UK) an organization providing support and practical help for the long-term unemployed in seeking work

surf club British & World English

An organization of lifeguards in charge of safety on a particular beach

Alpine club British & World English

A club or association for Alpinists; also as the name of a particular club or (with modifying word) in the names of various clubs.

club-hopper British & World English

A person who (habitually) goes club-hopping.

field club British & World English

British a mutual insurance association at a colliery, which covers contributing workers against accident or sickness (now historical).

house club British & World English

A club established by a business house or firm for its employees, often engaging in sports and competitions. Now chiefly historical.

Monday Club British & World English

The name of any of various clubs which originally met on Mondays; specifically (a) US a literary or political discussion club (now historical); (b) British Polit. a right-wing Conservative club formed in 1961.

music club British & World English

A club for promoting music, or where music is performed.

purse club British & World English

(In the 18th and early 19th centuries) an association existing for the mutual aid of its members, who pay regular subscriptions to insure against future need; a friendly society; a guild.

record club British & World English

An organization that sells selected audio recordings to members or subscribers, often from a mail-order catalog or online

reform club British & World English

A club instituted to promote political reform. Frequently (with capital initials) in the names of particular clubs.

rhythm club British & World English

A club specializing in the performance of jazz music.

space club British & World English

A notional group made up of nations with successful space programmes; (also occasionally) a consortium of nations formed to cooperate in space research and development.

toilet club British & World English

A barber's shop offering reduced charges to clients who paid a regular subscription.

club chair British & World English

A thickly upholstered armchair of the type often found in clubs

club class British & World English

A class of seating on an aircraft that is superior to economy class but less expensive than first class, intended especially for people travelling on business

comedy club British & World English

A venue where comedians give stand-up performances in front of an audience

devil's club British & World English

A very spiny straggling shrub of western North America

health club British & World English

A private club with exercise facilities, also offering health and beauty treatments

Indian club British & World English

Each of a pair of bottle-shaped clubs swung to exercise the arms in gymnastics

Jockey Club British & World English

An organization whose stewards are the central authority for the administration of horse racing in Britain. It was founded in 1750

Kit-Cat Club British & World English

An association of prominent Whigs and literary figures founded in the early part of the 18th century. According to Alexander Pope its members included Richard Steele, Joseph Addison, William Congreve, and John Vanbrugh

Lions Club British & World English

A worldwide charitable society devoted to social and international service, taking its membership primarily from business and professional groups

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