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cockle1 British & World English

An edible burrowing bivalve mollusc with a strong ribbed shell

cockle2 British & World English

(Of paper) form wrinkles or puckers

ear cockle British & World English

A disease of wheat and other cereal plants caused by the parasitic nematode Anguina tritici, in which the grains are replaced by small, dark galls. Also (in plural): the galls themselves.

dog cockle British & World English

A burrowing bivalve mollusc which has a highly convex, almost spherical, shell

heart cockle British & World English

Any of various bivalve molluscs, the two shell valves of which together form the shape of a heart, especially the large Glossus humanus (family Glossidae) and various relatively large species of the family Cardiidae.

pea-shell cockle in pea shell British & World English

(Also pea-shell cockle) = pea mussel.