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coil1 British & World English

A length of something wound in a joined sequence of concentric rings

coil2 British & World English

A confusion or turmoil

coil English Thesaurus

Miles found himself in the water, tangled in coils of rope

coil spring British & World English

A helical spring made from metal wire

moving-coil British & World English

(Of an electrical device such as a voltmeter or microphone) containing a wire coil suspended in a magnetic field, so that the coil either moves in response to a current or produces a current when it is made to move

search coil British & World English

A flat coil of insulated wire connected to a galvanometer, used for finding the strength of a magnetic field from the current induced in the coil when it is quickly turned over or withdrawn

Tesla coil British & World English

A form of induction coil for producing high-frequency alternating currents

voice coil British & World English

A coil of wire that drives the cone of a loudspeaker according to the signal current flowing in it

ignition coil British & World English

An induction coil in an internal-combustion engine for converting a low-voltage current into one whose voltage is sufficient to produce the spark

loading coil British & World English

A coil used to provide additional inductance in an electric circuit, in order to reduce distortion and attenuation of transmitted signals or to reduce the resonant frequency of an aerial

mosquito coil British & World English

A spiral made from a dried paste of pyrethrum powder, which when lit burns slowly to produce a mosquito-repellent smoke

induction coil British & World English

A coil for generating intermittent high voltage from a direct current