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colloquial British & World English

(Of language) used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary

colloquial English Thesaurus

some students have a good grasp of colloquial language

colloquial English-Spanish

coloquial, familiar

it is written in colloquial English in colloquial English-Spanish

está escrito en un inglés coloquial

echar para adelante orfamiliar/colloquial p'alante in echar Spanish-English

go forward a little, or else you'll block the garage exit

el color no me acaba de gustar orEspaña/Spainfamiliar/colloquial no me acaba in acabar Spanish-English

I'm not too sure I like the color, I'm not too sure about the color

no tenía ni la más remota idea orEspaña/Spainfamiliar/colloquial ni pajolera idea in idea Spanish-English

she didn't have the slightest idea, she didn't have the faintest

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