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commissioner British & World English

A person appointed to a role on or by a commission

Lord Commissioner British & World English

The representative of the Crown at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

resident commissioner British & World English

A delegate elected to represent Puerto Rico in the US House of Representatives. They are able to speak in the House and serve on committees, but may not vote

commissioner for oaths British & World English

A solicitor authorized to administer an oath to a person making an affidavit

Lord High Commissioner British & World English

Another term for Lord Commissioner.

Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration British & World English

(In the UK) an official appointed to investigate complaints by individuals against public authorities

commissioner English-Spanish

comisionado,, miembro

EU Commissioner English-Spanish

comisario, -riamasculine, feminine de la UE

high commissioner English-Spanish

alto comisario,

district commissioner English-Spanish

jefe de policía de un distrito

Parliamentary Commissioner English-Spanish

defensor masculine del pueblo, ombudsman masculine and feminine

commissioner for oaths English-Spanish

abogado autorizado para dar fe de las declaraciones bajo juramento, notario,

the Commissioner of Baseball in commissioner English-Spanish

el presidente de la federación de béisbol

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