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complete British & World English

Having all the necessary or appropriate parts

complete English Thesaurus

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NP-complete British & World English

Designating a member of a class of complex and intractable NP problems which can be converted into any other problem of the same class, such that if an algorithm for its solution in polynomial time existed, it would be possible to solve all NP problems in polynomial time; (of a problem) both NP and NP-hard.

complete game British & World English

A game in which one pitcher pitches all innings without relief

feature-complete British & World English

Denoting a version of a piece of software having all the functionality intended for the final version but requiring some improvements and fixes before release

complete with in complete British & World English

Having (something) as an additional part or feature

autocomplete British & World English

A software function that completes words or strings without the user needing to type them in full

complete agbada in agbada British & World English

A long, wide-sleeved flowing gown, often embroidered, worn by men in parts of West Africa, especially Nigeria.