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complete British & World English

Having all the necessary or appropriate parts

complete game British & World English

A game in which one pitcher pitches all innings without relief

feature-complete British & World English

Denoting a version of a piece of software having all the functionality intended for the final version but requiring some improvements and fixes before release

complete with in complete British & World English

Having (something) as an additional part or feature

autocomplete British & World English

A software function that completes words or strings without the user needing to type them in full

complete English Thesaurus

the complete interview will appear in next week's issue

complete English-Spanish


complete as appropriate in appropriate English-Spanish

rellenar lo que corresponda

he ordered complete rest in order English-Spanish

le mandó hacer reposo absoluto

let me complete the picture in complete English-Spanish

deja que te termine de describir la situación

a complete waste of time in complete English-Spanish

una pérdida de tiempo total y absoluta

he must have complete rest in must English-Spanish

tiene que hacer reposo absoluto, debe hacer reposo absoluto

it needs a complete redraft in redraft English-Spanish

hay que volverlo a redactar

my mind was a complete blank in blank English-Spanish

me quedé totalmente en blanco

a party in complete disarray in disarray English-Spanish

un partido totalmente desorganizado

a complete breakdown of the report in breakdown English-Spanish

un análisis punto por punto del informe

it was a complete disaster/failure in complete English-Spanish

fue un desastre/fracaso total, fue un absoluto desastre/fracaso

I made a complete fool of myself in complete English-Spanish

quedé como un verdadero idiota

I feel (like) a complete idiot in feel English-Spanish

me siento como un perfecto imbécil

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