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complicated British & World English

Consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate

complicate British & World English

Make (something) more complicated

overcomplicate British & World English

Make (something) more complicated than necessary

complicated English Thesaurus

the complicated election rules

complicated English-Spanish


bewilderingly complicated in bewilderingly English-Spanish

increíblemente complicado, de una complejidad asombrosa

changing nationality is a complicated affair in affair English-Spanish

el cambio de nacionalidad es un asunto complicado

it's a good plot, if a complicated one in if English-Spanish

es un buen argumento, aunque complicado

the truth is often complicated and messy in messy English-Spanish

la verdad es muchas veces complicada y desagradable

the situation is further complicated by her absence in further English-Spanish

el hecho de que ella no esté complica aún más la situación

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