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conductor British & World English

A person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir

sub-conductor British & World English

Military. Originally: an assistant to a conductor. Later also: an officer ranking below a conductor. Now historical.

bus conductor British & World English

A person whose job is to collect fares and sell tickets on a bus

non-conductor British & World English

A substance that does not conduct heat or electricity

piano-conductor British & World English

A musician who conducts a band or orchestra while playing the piano; frequently attributive, designating a score used by such a conductor.

well conductor British & World English

(In offshore drilling) a pipe of large diameter extending from underneath the rotary table to the seabed, providing a casing for the drill in its passage through water and a means of returning and recirculating drilling fluid.

conductor rail British & World English

A rail transmitting current to an electric train or other vehicle

moving-conductor British & World English

Designating an electrical instrument or apparatus in which a conductor is situated in a magnetic field, so that either the conductor moves when a current flows through it or else movement of the conductor generates a current.

return conductor British & World English

A conductor by which a current returns to its source.

lightning conductor British & World English

A metal rod or wire fixed to an exposed part of a building or other tall structure to divert lightning harmlessly into the ground