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confident British & World English

Feeling or showing confidence in oneself or one’s abilities or qualities

self-confident British & World English

Trusting in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement

overconfident British & World English

Excessively confident

confident English Thesaurus

we are confident that business will improve

confident English-Spanish

hecho con confianza

self-confident English Thesaurus

they were now the self-confident, responsible young ladies they had been trained to be

self-confident English-Spanish

seguro de sí mismo

to be self-confident in self-confident English-Spanish

tener* confianza en sí mismo, ser* seguro de sí mismo

she is superbly confident in superbly English-Spanish

tiene una extraordinaria confianza en sí misma

he's a shade too confident in shade English-Spanish

se tiene un poquitín demasiada confianza

she felt serenely confident that … in serenely English-Spanish

sentía la serena confianza de que …

Paul's not so confident as he looks in so English-Spanish

Paul no tiene tanta confianza en sí mismo como parece

I am confident that she won't disappoint us in confident English-Spanish

tengo (la) plena confianza de que no nos defraudará