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conscious British & World English

Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings

self-conscious British & World English

Feeling undue awareness of oneself, one’s appearance, or one’s actions

semi-conscious British & World English

Only partially conscious

health-conscious British & World English

Concerned about how healthy one’s diet and lifestyle are

preconscious British & World English

Of or associated with a part of the mind below the level of immediate conscious awareness, from which memories and emotions that have not been repressed can be recalled

subconscious British & World English

Of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings

hyperconscious British & World English

Acutely or excessively aware of something

superconscious British & World English

Transcending human or normal consciousness

unselfconscious British & World English

Not suffering from or exhibiting self-consciousness; not shy or embarrassed

conscious English Thesaurus

the patient was barely conscious

conscious English-Spanish


-conscious English-Spanish


eco-conscious English-Spanish

ecológicamente concientizado

self-conscious English Thesaurus

he gave me a self-conscious grin

cost-conscious English-Spanish

consciente del costo, coste

class-conscious English-Spanish

con conciencia de clase

dress-conscious English-Spanish

preocupado por la ropa

image-conscious English-Spanish

preocupado por la imagen

style-conscious English-Spanish

pendiente de la moda, preocupado por la moda

fashion-conscious English-Spanish

pendiente de la moda, que sigue la moda

figure-conscious English-Spanish

preocupado por la figura

to be conscious of sth English-Spanish

ser*, tener* conciencia (

safety-conscious in -conscious English-Spanish

preocupado por la seguridad

she's very fashion-conscious in fashion-conscious English-Spanish

está muy pendiente de la moda, sigue mucho la moda

he was fully conscious in conscious English-Spanish

estaba totalmente consciente

I'm fully conscious of its importance in conscious English-Spanish

soy, tengo plena conciencia de su importancia

for your calorie-conscious guests in -conscious English-Spanish

para sus invitados preocupados por guardar la línea

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