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conservation British & World English

The action of conserving something, in particular:

conservation English Thesaurus

the conservation of tropical forests

conservation law British & World English

A law of nature according to which some measurable physical property is conserved, either in certain types of change or interaction only, or in all circumstances.

conservation area British & World English

An area of notable environmental or historical interest or importance which is protected by law against undesirable changes

conservation architect British & World English

An architect who works on the conservation, restoration, or adaptation of a building, especially one of historical interest.

conservation biologist British & World English

A scientist who works in the field of conservation biology.

conservation biology British & World English

The branch of biological science concerned with the conservation, management, and protection of vulnerable species, populations, and ecosystems.

conservation easement British & World English

An easement which ensures the use or development of a particular piece of land is compatible with long-term conservation and environmental aims.

conservation farming British & World English

A method of farming which utilizes conservation tillage.

conservation officer British & World English

An official responsible for overseeing the conservation of wildlife, the environment, or historical sites.

conservation status British & World English

The status accorded to an area of special interest, an endangered species, etc., in relation to its need for (legal) protection from undesirable change or the detrimental effects of human activity.

conservation tillage British & World English

The tillage or cultivation of soil with minimum disturbance (typically without ploughing) so as to control erosion and conserve soil moisture.

nature conservation British & World English

The preservation of wild fauna and flora and natural habitats and ecosystems, especially from the effects of human exploitation, industrialization, etc.

conservation of areas British & World English

The describing of equal areas in equal times by a line joining a planet, satellite, etc., to the body which it is orbiting.

conservation of mass British & World English

A principle stating that mass cannot be created or destroyed

conservation of charge British & World English

A principle stating that the total electric charge of an isolated system is fixed

conservation of energy British & World English

A principle stating that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be altered from one form to another