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container British & World English

An object for holding or transporting something

container-grown British & World English

(Of a plant) grown in a container rather than in the ground

container port British & World English

A port which specializes in handling goods transported in containers

container ship British & World English

A ship which is designed to carry goods stored in containers

containerload British & World English

An amount of something that can be carried in a standard shipping container

container English Thesaurus

an airtight container

container English-Spanish

recipiente masculine

container Spanish-English


container ship English-Spanish

buque masculine portacontenedores, portacontenedores masculine

a container ship in ship English-Spanish

un buque portacontenedores

this port can handle container traffic in handle English-Spanish

este puerto tiene la capacidad para recibir contenedores

a container is placed underneath to receive the fluid in receive English-Spanish

debajo se coloca un recipiente para recoger el líquido