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continue British & World English

Persist in an activity or process

continue English Thesaurus

the government continued with its plans to reorganize the country's economy

continue English-Spanish

continuar*, seguir*

continúe la defensa in continuar Spanish-English

(counsel for) the defense may continue

prices continue to creep up in creep English-Spanish

los precios siguen subiendo lentamente

the hearing will continue Monday next in next English-Spanish

la vista se reanudará el próximo lunes

we cannot continue trading at a loss in loss English-Spanish

no podemos seguir operando con déficit

house prices continue to outrun inflation in outrun English-Spanish

el incremento en el precio de la vivienda sigue superando a la tasa de inflación

para que esta novel industria continúe prosperando in novel Spanish-English

so that this fledgling industry may continue to prosper

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