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contrast British & World English

The state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association

contrast English Thesaurus

the marked contrast between English and Scottish practice

high contrast British & World English

Contrast that is relatively high, or higher than that of an original picture or scene.

colour contrast British & World English

The juxtaposition of different colours, contributing to the overall visual effect of an image, item, etc.; an instance of this.

contrast medium British & World English

A substance introduced into a part of the body in order to improve the visibility of internal structures during radiography

phase contrast British & World English

The technique in microscopy of introducing a phase difference between parts of the light supplied by the condenser so as to enhance the outlines of the sample, or the boundaries between parts differing in optical density

stark British & World English

Unpleasantly or sharply clear

by contrast in contrast English Thesaurus

by contrast, Anderson rejects this view