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conversation British & World English

A talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged

make conversation in conversation British & World English

Talk for the sake of politeness without having anything to say

make conversation British & World English

Talk for the sake of politeness without having anything to say

conversation piece British & World English

A painting of a genre in which groups of figures are posed in a landscape or domestic setting, popular especially in the 18th century

conversation-stopper British & World English

A remark which is so surprising or embarrassing that it is difficult to find a polite reply

criminal conversation British & World English

Adultery, especially as formerly constituting grounds for the recovery of legal damages by a husband from his wife’s adulterous partner

conversation English Thesaurus

he must have overheard her conversation with Victoria

conversation English-Spanish

conversación f

the art of persuasion/conversation in art English-Spanish

el arte de la persuasión/conversación

she has no conversation in conversation English-Spanish

no tiene conversación, no sabe conversar

to follow the thread of a plot/conversation in thread English-Spanish

seguir* el hilo de una trama/conversación

to barge into a conversation in barge English-Spanish

entrometerse en una conversación

the conversation began to drift in drift English-Spanish

la conversación empezó a irse por las ramas

a stock subject of conversation in stock English-Spanish

un manido tema de conversación

he allowed the conversation to drop in drop English-Spanish

dejó que decayese la conversación

a hurried conversation over the phone in hurried English-Spanish

una brevísima conversación telefónica

they were making polite conversation in polite English-Spanish

conversaban tratando de ser agradables

his conversation sends me to sleep in sleep English-Spanish

su conversación me duerme, su conversación me resulta soporífera

a remark thrown into the conversation in throw English-Spanish

un comentario que se deja caer en la conversación

I got into conversation with a stranger in conversation English-Spanish

entablé conversación con un desconocido

there was a lapse in the conversation in lapse English-Spanish

se hizo un silencio en la conversación

her conversation was larded with anecdotes in lard English-Spanish

su conversación estuvo salpicada de anécdotas

she switched the topic of conversation in switch English-Spanish

desvió la conversación hacia otro tema, cambió de tema de conversación

to keep track of the conversation/plot in track English-Spanish

seguir* (el hilo de) la conversación/el argumento

the conversation veered (around) to sex in veer English-Spanish

la conversación se desvió hacia el tema del sexo

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