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cornet1 British & World English

A brass instrument resembling a trumpet but shorter and wider

cornet2 British & World English

The fifth grade of commissioned officer in a cavalry troop, who carried the colours. It is still used in some British cavalry regiments for officers of the rank of second lieutenant

ear cornet British & World English

A very small ear trumpet worn within the pinna of the ear.

field cornet British & World English

A civilian official invested with the rank and responsibilities of a military officer and with judicial powers enabling him to act as a local administrator and magistrate

ice cream cornet British & World English

A cone-shaped wafer filled with ice cream

Antonio Gaudí y Cornet in Gaudí, Antonio British & World English

(1853–1926), Spanish architect; full name Antonio Gaudí y Cornet. He was a leading but idiosyncratic exponent of art nouveau, known mainly for his ornate and extravagant church of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (begun 1884)

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