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corpuscle British & World English

A minute body or cell in an organism, especially a red or white cell in the blood of vertebrates

renal corpuscle British & World English

The roughly spherical structure forming the origin of the functional unit (nephron) of the kidney, which consists of a glomerulus surrounded by a cup-like expansion of the proximal part of a tubule, and in which the initial filtration leading to the production of urine occurs.

Meissner corpuscle British & World English

A type of encapsulated sensory nerve ending located in the papillae of the skin, especially of the fingers and toes, and serving as a sensitive mechanoreceptor particularly important for tactile discrimination; also called tactile corpuscle.

Pacinian corpuscle British & World English

An encapsulated ending of a sensory nerve that acts as a receptor for pressure and vibration

colostrum corpuscle British & World English

A microscopic membrane-bound body containing fat globules that is found in colostrum, believed to originate from a fat-laden epithelial cell or macrophage from the mammary gland.

Meissner's corpuscle British & World English

A sensory nerve ending that is sensitive to mechanical stimuli, found in the dermis in various parts of the body