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counter1 British & World English

A long flat-topped fitment across which business is conducted in a shop or bank or refreshments are served in a cafeteria

counter2 British & World English

Speak or act in opposition to

counter3 British & World English

The back part of a shoe or boot, enclosing the heel

counter- British & World English

Denoting opposition, retaliation, or rivalry

counter1 English Thesaurus

he left his groceries on the counter

counter2 English Thesaurus

the workers countered accusations of dishonesty with claims of oppression

pie counter British & World English

A counter at which pies are sold; (also figurative) a source of grants or favours.

go counter British & World English

Run or ride against the direction taken by a quarry

rev counter British & World English

An instrument that measures and displays the rate of revolutions of an engine

card counter British & World English

A marker used to keep a tally in whist (now rare).

cell counter British & World English

Any device or machine used to perform cell counts.

head-counter British & World English

A person who takes a headcount; specifically (a) a census taker; (b) US Politics a person who assesses the number of politicians likely to vote a certain way on a particular issue.

point-counter British & World English

An early version of the Geiger counter in which discharges occur between positively charged chamber walls and a central, earthed, metal point.

ring counter British & World English

A counting circuit comprising a number of flip-flops or other bistable devices connected in a closed loop, the output of the final flip-flop setting the input of the first, which allows continuous counting.

bean counter British & World English

A person, typically an accountant or bureaucrat, perceived as placing excessive emphasis on controlling expenditure and budgets

counter-offer British & World English

An offer made in response to another

neutron counter British & World English

An instrument for detecting and counting neutrons.

program counter British & World English

A register in the control unit of a computer which contains the address of the next instruction to be executed, the address being increased by one after each execution unless an instruction to do otherwise occurs.

ripple counter British & World English

A type of binary counter consisting of a number of bistable circuits wired in cascade, so that a circuit changes state only after all the preceding circuits have changed state.

thought-counter British & World English

A verbal or symbolic representation of an idea, a thought-sign.

counter-attack British & World English

An attack made in response to one by an opponent

Geiger counter British & World English

A device for measuring radioactivity by detecting and counting ionizing particles

revolution counter British & World English

(Originally) a device for counting and displaying the number of revolutions made by an engine or other mechanism; (in later use) one for displaying the rate at which a shaft or an engine is turning.

counter-accusation British & World English

An accusation made in turn by someone against their accuser

counter-espionage British & World English

Activities designed to prevent or thwart spying by an enemy

counter-insurgency British & World English

Military or political action taken against the activities of guerrillas or revolutionaries

counter-intuitive British & World English

Contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation

counter-revolution British & World English

A revolution opposing a former one or reversing its results

scintillation counter British & World English

A device for detecting and recording scintillations

behind the counter British & World English

Serving in a shop or bank

over the counter British & World English

By ordinary retail purchase, with no need for a prescription or licence

under the counter British & World English

(With reference to goods bought or sold) surreptitiously and typically illegally

counter-conditioning British & World English

A technique employed in animal training and the treatment of phobias and similar conditions in humans, in which behaviour incompatible with a habitual undesirable pattern is induced

counter-intelligence British & World English

Another term for counter-espionage.

Counter-Reformation British & World English

The reform of the Church of Rome in the 16th and 17th centuries which was stimulated by the Protestant Reformation

counter-revolutionary British & World English

Engaged in or promoting a revolution that opposes a previous one or reverses its results

proportional counter British & World English

An ionization chamber in which the operating voltage is large enough to produce amplification but not so large that the output pulse ceases to be proportional to the initial ionization

potent counter potent British & World English

Designating a heraldic fur formed from an arrangement of T-shaped symbols placed end-to-end with inverted T-shaped symbols.

flory counter-flory British & World English

Decorated with fleurs-de-lis set in alternating directions

go counter in counter2 British & World English

Run or ride against the direction taken by a quarry

counterblow British & World English

A blow given in return

counterflow British & World English

A flow moving in the opposite direction to another

counterman British & World English

A person who works behind a counter serving customers, especially in a store or casual restaurant

countermark British & World English

An additional mark placed on something already marked, especially for increased security

countermine British & World English

An excavation dug to intercept another dug by an enemy

countermove British & World English

A move or other action made in opposition to another

counterplot British & World English

A plot intended to thwart another plot

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