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criminal British & World English

A person who has committed a crime

criminal English Thesaurus

she struck up a friendship with a convicted criminal

criminal law British & World English

A system of law concerned with the punishment of offenders

criminal libel British & World English

The offence of making a malicious defamatory statement in a permanent form

criminal record British & World English

A list of a person’s previous criminal convictions

criminal conversation British & World English

Adultery, especially as formerly constituting grounds for the recovery of legal damages by a husband from his wife’s adulterous partner

Central Criminal Court British & World English

Official name for Old Bailey.

criminal justice system British & World English

The system of law enforcement that is directly involved in apprehending, prosecuting, defending, sentencing, and punishing those who are suspected or convicted of criminal offenses

International Criminal Court British & World English

An international tribunal formed in 2002 for the prosecution of crimes against humanity. Its headquarters are at The Hague. In contrast with the International Court of Justice, it is not affiliated with the United Nations

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