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crystalline British & World English

Having the structure and form of a crystal; composed of crystals

crystalline cone British & World English

(In the compound eyes of many insects, crustacea, and other arthropods) a hard, refractive, conical body below the cornea of each ommatidium.

crystalline style British & World English

(In various molluscs, especially bivalves) a long, transparent mucoid rod that projects from a sac into the stomach, where it rotates to aid mixing and gradually dissolves providing enzymes for digestion.

crystalline lens British & World English

The transparent elastic structure behind the iris by which light is focused on to the retina of the eye

crystalline sphere British & World English

(In ancient and medieval astronomy) a transparent sphere of the heavens postulated to lie between the fixed stars and the primum mobile and to account for the precession of the equinox and other motions

semi-crystalline British & World English

(Of a solid) possessing crystalline character to some degree