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cue1 British & World English

A thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance

cue2 British & World English

A long straight tapering wooden rod for striking the ball in snooker, billiards, etc.

on cue in cue1 British & World English

At the correct moment

on cue British & World English

At the correct moment

cue bid British & World English

A bid intended to give specific information about the content of the hand to the bidder’s partner rather than to advance the auction

cue ball British & World English

The ball, usually a white one, that is to be struck with the cue in snooker, billiards, etc.

cue card British & World English

A card held beside a camera for a television broadcaster to read from while appearing as if looking into the camera

take one's cue from in cue1 British & World English

Follow the example or advice of

take one's cue from British & World English

Follow the example or advice of

autocue British & World English

A device which projects an enlarged image of a script on to a clear glass screen in front of a person speaking on television or in public, so enabling the speaker to read their speech while appearing to be looking at the viewers or audience

cue English Thesaurus

he looked at his watch and Sylvie knew it was a cue for her to leave

cue English-Spanish

entrada f

cue card English-Spanish


cue in English-Spanish

darle* entrada a

billiard cue in billiard English-Spanish

taco m (de billar)

cue camera one! in cue English-Spanish

¡cámara uno, acción!

to miss one's cue in cue English-Spanish

no salir* a escena en el momento debido

I fed him with his cue in feed English-Spanish

le apunté lo que tenía que decir

to take one's cue from sb in cue English-Spanish

seguir* el ejemplo de algn

the police walked in, right on cue in cue English-Spanish

la policía entró en el momento justo

that's your cue to show what you can do in cue English-Spanish

ese es el momento de demostrar de lo que eres capaz

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