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culpable British & World English

Deserving blame

culpable homicide British & World English

(In some jurisdictions, including Scotland, South Africa, and India) an act which has resulted in a person’s death but is held not to amount to murder

culpable English Thesaurus

I hold you personally culpable

culpable English-Spanish


se reconoció culpable in reconocer Spanish-English

he admitted that he was guilty, he acknowledged

to hold sb culpable for sth in culpable English-Spanish

considerar a algn culpable de algo

me siento culpable de lo ocurrido in culpable Spanish-English

I feel guilty about what happened

tú eres el culpable de todo esto in culpable Spanish-English

this is all your fault, you're to blame for

no es culpable del delito que se le imputa in imputar Spanish-English

she is not guilty of the crime which is attributed to her

invirtió los términos de manera que yo parecía el culpable in término Spanish-English

he twisted the facts in such a way that it looked as if I was to blame