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custard British & World English

A dessert or sweet sauce made with milk and eggs, or milk and a proprietary powder

custard pie British & World English

An open pie containing cold set custard

egg custard British & World English

A custard made with milk and eggs, typically sweetened and baked

custard apple British & World English

A large fleshy tropical fruit with a sweet yellow pulp

custard cream British & World English

A biscuit with a vanilla-flavoured cream filling

custard marrow British & World English

A summer squash of a variety which has flattened round fruits with scalloped edges

custard powder British & World English

A preparation of flavoured cornflour for making custard

confectioner's custard British & World English

Another term for crème patissière.

cowardy British & World English

A cowardly person (often used as a taunt by children)

custard apple in apple British & World English

Used in names of unrelated fruits or other plant growths that resemble apples in some way, e.g. custard apple, oak apple

custard English-Spanish

crema feminine

egg custard English-Spanish

natillas feminine plural

custard apple English-Spanish

chirimoya feminine

custard powder English-Spanish

polvo que se mezcla con leche para hacer crema o natillas