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dark British & World English

With little or no light

the dark in dark British & World English

The absence of light in a place

dark English Thesaurus

a dark night

Dark Blue British & World English

A name for: an Oxford University sports team, often wearing distinctive jerseys, etc., of this colour (usually with the). Also (chiefly in plural): a member of an Oxford University sports team.

dark rum British & World English

A variety of strongly flavoured rum which is dark in colour due to being aged in charred wooden barrels.

Dark Ages British & World English

The period in western Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire and the high Middle Ages, circa 500–1100 ad, during which Germanic tribes swept through Europe and North Africa, often attacking and destroying towns and settlements. It was judged to have been a time of relative unenlightenment, though scholarship was kept alive in the monasteries and learning was encouraged at the courts of Charlemagne and Alfred the Great

dark line British & World English

An absorption line in an electromagnetic spectrum, appearing as a black line at visible wavelengths

dark pool British & World English

A private securities exchange in which investors, typically large financial institutions, are able to make trades anonymously

dark-sky British & World English

Denoting or located in a place where the darkness of the night sky is relatively free of interference from artificial light

dark star British & World English

A starlike object which emits little or no visible light. Its existence is inferred from other evidence, such as the eclipsing of other stars

dark triad British & World English

A set of three personality traits (psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism) which are considered the most offensive and disagreeable.

dark energy British & World English

A theoretical form of energy postulated to act in opposition to gravity and to occupy the entire universe, accounting for most of the energy in it and causing its expansion to accelerate

dark-haired British & World English

Having dark-coloured hair

dark horse British & World English

A candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds

dark matter British & World English

(In some cosmological theories) non-luminous material which is postulated to exist in space and which could take either of two forms: weakly interacting particles (cold dark matter) or high-energy randomly moving particles created soon after the Big Bang (hot dark matter)

dark nebula British & World English

A non-luminous nebula of dust and gas which is observable because it obscures light from other sources

dark store British & World English

A large retail facility that resembles a conventional supermarket or other store but is not open to the public, housing goods used to fulfil orders placed online

dark-coloured British & World English

Dark in colour or shade

dark current British & World English

The residual electric current flowing in a photoelectric device when there is no incident illumination

dark glasses British & World English

Glasses with tinted lenses, worn to protect or conceal a person’s eyes

dark lantern British & World English

A lantern with a movable panel that can be used to hide the light

dark reaction British & World English

The cycle of reactions (the Calvin cycle) which occurs in the second phase of photosynthesis and does not require the presence of light. It involves the fixation of carbon dioxide and its reduction to carbohydrate and the dissociation of water, using chemical energy stored in ATP

dark-skinned British & World English

(Of a person) having brown or black skin

dark tourism British & World English

Tourism that involves travelling to places associated with death and suffering

in the dark British & World English

In a state of ignorance

dark adaptation British & World English

The adjustment of the eye to low light intensities, involving reflex dilation of the pupil and activation of the rod cells in preference to the cone cells

dark chocolate British & World English

Another term for plain chocolate.

Dark Continent British & World English

A name given to Africa at a time when it was little known to Europeans

dark-complexioned British & World English

(Of a person) having brown or black skin

Great Dark Spot British & World English

A dark blue oval feature that often appears in the outer gas of the planet Neptune, being a storm system similar to Jupiter's Great Red Spot but more short-lived.

dark-field microscopy British & World English

A type of light microscopy which produces brightly illuminated objects on a dark background

a shot in the dark British & World English

An act whose outcome cannot be foreseen; a guess

a leap in the dark British & World English

A daring step or enterprise whose consequences are unpredictable

dark night of the soul British & World English

A period of spiritual desolation suffered by a mystic in which all sense of consolation is removed

all cats are grey in the dark British & World English

The qualities that distinguish people from one another are obscured in some circumstances, and if they can’t be perceived they don’t matter

in the dark in dark British & World English

In a state of ignorance

the dark ages in Dark Ages British & World English

An obscure or little-regarded period in the past, especially as characterizing an outdated attitude or practice

arches British & World English

Used in names of moths with curving arch-like patterns on the wings, such as dark arches

a shot in the dark in dark British & World English

An act whose outcome cannot be foreseen; a guess

a leap in the dark in leap British & World English

A daring step or enterprise whose consequences are unpredictable

snowbird British & World English

A widespread and variable junco (songbird) with grey or brown upper parts and a white belly

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