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decoration British & World English

The process or art of decorating something

Decoration Day British & World English

Another term for Memorial Day.

interior decoration British & World English

The decoration of the interior of a building or room, especially with regard for colour combination and artistic effect

decoration English Thesaurus

a vaulted ceiling with rich decoration

decoration English-Spanish

decoración feminine

cake decoration English-Spanish

decoración, decoración

interior decoration English-Spanish

decoración feminine

it has no real purpose, it's simply for decoration in purpose English-Spanish

no sirve para nada en especial, es simplemente decorativo

shave off some pieces of chocolate for the decoration in shave English-Spanish

corte unas láminas bien delgadas de chocolate para la decoración

I cannot begin even to hint at the variety and richness of decoration in hint English-Spanish

apenas puedo dar (una) vaga idea de la variedad y riqueza de la decoración

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