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defence British & World English

The action of defending from or resisting attack

defence in depth British & World English

The arrangement of defensive lines or fortifications so that they can defend each other

self-defence British & World English

The defence of one’s person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime

civil defence British & World English

The organization and training of civilians to be prepared for attacks in wartime

Defence Force British & World English

The South African armed services, consisting of the army, navy, air force, and medical service

Indian defence British & World English

A defence in which Black responds to White’s advance of the queen’s pawn by moving the king’s knight to square f6, usually following with a fianchetto

defence mechanism British & World English

An automatic reaction of the body against disease-causing organisms

defence in depth in defence British & World English

The arrangement of defensive lines or fortifications so that they can defend each other

zone defense British & World English

(In basketball, football, and hockey) a system of defensive play in which each player guards an allotted area of the field of play and guards an opponent only when the opponent is in his area

the defence in defence British & World English

The counsel for the defendant in a lawsuit

biodefence British & World English

Defensive measures taken to protect against an attack using biological weapons

defence English Thesaurus

the defence of fortresses against enemies

defence English-Spanish

→ defense

defence in defense English-Spanish

defensa feminine

Ulster Defence Regiment English-Spanish

regimiento del ejército británico a cargo de mantener el orden en el Ulster

self-defence in self-defense English-Spanish

to act in self-defense

Common European Security and Defence Policy English-Spanish

Política feminine Europea de Seguridad y Defensa

defence mechanism in defense mechanism English-Spanish

mecanismo masculine de defensa

Ministry of Defence in ministry English-Spanish

Ministerio de Defensa, Secretaría de Defensa Mexico/México

leader for the defence in leader English-Spanish

abogado, -damasculine, feminine principal de la defensa

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