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defender British & World English

A person who defends someone or something

public defender British & World English

A lawyer employed by the state in a criminal trial to represent a defendant who is unable to afford legal assistance

Defender of the Faith British & World English

A title conferred on Henry VIII by Pope Leo X in 1521. It was recognized by Parliament as an official title of the English monarch in 1544, and has been borne by all subsequent sovereigns

defender English Thesaurus

the defenders of the rural environment

defender English-Spanish


defender Spanish-English

to defend, protect

public defender English-Spanish

defensor, -sora masculine, feminine de oficio

Defender of the Faith New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

title conferred on Henry VIII by Pope Leo X;

defender la tesis in defender Spanish-English

to defend one's dissertation, in US, to have a viva on one's thesisin UK

defender algo a capa y espada in capa Spanish-English

to fight tooth and nail to defend sth

a defender scrambled the ball away/back in scramble English-Spanish

un defensa a duras penas despejó/devolvió la pelota

no necesito abogados, yo me sé defender in abogado Spanish-English

I don't need anyone to defend me, I can stand up for myself

fueron destacados para defender el puente in destacar Spanish-English

they were detailed to defend the bridge

es un león para defender sus derechos in león Spanish-English

he'll fight to the death to defend his rights

se apoyó en estas cifras para defender su teoría in apoyar Spanish-English

he used these figures to defend his theory