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delay British & World English

Make (someone or something) late or slow

delay line British & World English

A device producing a specific desired delay in the transmission of a signal

developmental delay British & World English

The condition of a child being less developed mentally or physically than is normal for its age

delay English Thesaurus

a few guests were delayed by rush-hour traffic

delay English-Spanish

retrasar, demorar esp AmL

without delay in delay English-Spanish

sin tardanza, sin demora esp AmL

an hour's delay in delay English-Spanish

un retraso, una hora de retraso

what's the delay? in delay English-Spanish

¿qué estamos esperando?

a delay of one hour in delay English-Spanish

un retraso, una hora de retraso

don't delay, order now! in delay English-Spanish

no lo deje para mañana

the delay was fatal to the project in fatal English-Spanish

el retraso tuvo consecuencias funestas para el proyecto

there is no room for delay/error in room English-Spanish

uno no puede atrasarse/equivocarse, no hay ningún margen para retrasos/errores

she stormed at o over the delay in storm English-Spanish

se puso furiosa por el retraso

we apologize for the delay/inconvenience in apologize English-Spanish

rogamos disculpen el retraso/las molestias

the delay obliged us to cancel the order in oblige English-Spanish

el retraso nos obligó a cancelar el pedido

we are anxious that there should be no delay in anxious English-Spanish

no queremos por nada del mundo que haya ningún retraso

and now, without further delay, I shall read out the results in delay English-Spanish

y ahora, sin más preámbulos, pasaré a leer los resultados

the worst thing that can come of it is a slight delay in worst English-Spanish

lo peor que puede pasar es que haya un ligero retraso

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