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diminished British & World English

Made smaller or less

diminish British & World English

Make or become less

diminished seventh British & World English

The interval which is a semitone less than a minor seventh, e.g. from A to G flat (which in equal tuning sounds the same as a major sixth)

diminished responsibility British & World English

An unbalanced mental state which is considered to make a person less answerable for murder, being recognized as grounds to reduce the charge to that of manslaughter

diminished seventh chord in diminished seventh British & World English

A chord formed by a note together with those above it at intervals of a minor third, a diminished fifth, and a diminished seventh. The resulting chord consists entirely of superimposed minor thirds, and is much used in modern music in modulating between keys

diminished English-Spanish

más limitado

to plead diminished responsibility in diminished English-Spanish

alegar* una atenuante de responsabilidad