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diplomatic British & World English

Of or concerning diplomacy

diplomatic bag British & World English

A container in which official mail is sent to or from an embassy, which is not subject to customs inspection

diplomatic corps British & World English

The body of diplomats representing other countries in a particular state

diplomatic pouch British & World English

US term for diplomatic bag.

diplomatic service British & World English

The government department concerned with the representation of a country abroad

diplomatic immunity British & World English

The privilege of exemption from certain laws and taxes granted to diplomats by the state in which they are working

diplomatic recognition in recognition British & World English

Formal acknowledgement by a country that another political entity fulfils the conditions of statehood and is eligible to be dealt with as a member of the international community

diplomatic English Thesaurus

a month of hectic diplomatic activity

diplomatic English-Spanish


diplomatic bag English-Spanish

→ diplomatic pouch

diplomatic corps English-Spanish

cuerpo masculine diplomático

diplomatic pouch English-Spanish

valija feminine diplomática

diplomatic service English-Spanish

servicio masculine diplomático

diplomatic immunity English-Spanish

inmunidad feminine diplomática

the diplomatic thaw in thaw English-Spanish

el deshielo de las relaciones diplomáticas

diplomatic/military activity in activity English-Spanish

actividad diplomática/militar

to claim diplomatic immunity in claim English-Spanish

alegar* inmunidad diplomática

she needs diplomatic handling in diplomatic English-Spanish

hay que tratarla con diplomacia

to establish diplomatic relations in establish English-Spanish

establecer* relaciones diplomáticas

to break off diplomatic relations in diplomatic English-Spanish

romper* las relaciones diplomáticas