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discharge British & World English

Tell (someone) officially that they can or must leave, in particular:

discharge English Thesaurus

he was discharged from the RAF

brush discharge British & World English

A broad electrical discharge from a conductor occurring when the potential difference is high but not sufficient for a spark or arc

discharge lamp British & World English

A lamp in which the light is produced by a discharge tube

discharge tube British & World English

A tube containing charged electrodes and filled with a gas in which ionization is induced by an electric field. The gas molecules emit light as they return to the ground state

glow discharge British & World English

A luminous sparkless electrical discharge from a pointed conductor in a gas at low pressure

conditional discharge British & World English

An order made by a criminal court whereby an offender will not be sentenced for an offence unless a further offence is committed within a stated period

honorable discharge British & World English

Discharge from military service with a favorable record

dishonourable discharge British & World English

The dismissal of someone from the armed forces as a result of criminal or morally unacceptable actions

corona discharge in corona1 British & World English

The glow around a conductor at high potential

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