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distortion British & World English

The action of distorting or the state of being distorted

distortion English Thesaurus

strain on the muscles of the eye leading to a distortion in shape or structure

phase distortion British & World English

Distortion involving change in the phase relations of the components of a waveform, caused especially by a difference in the speed of propagation for different frequencies.

barrel distortion British & World English

A type of defect in optical or electronic images in which vertical or horizontal straight lines appear as convex curves

crossover distortion British & World English

Distortion occurring where a signal changes from positive to negative or vice versa

total harmonic distortion British & World English

The distortion produced by an amplifier, as measured in terms of the harmonics of the sinusoidal components of the signal that it introduces

pincushion distortion in pincushion British & World English

A form of optical distortion in which straight lines along the edge of a screen or a lens bulge towards the centre

Peierls distortion in Peierls British & World English

Used attributive with reference to a spatially periodic distortion of a linear chain of atoms or molecules in certain solids, adduced to explain an observed change from a conducting to a semiconducting or insulating state at low temperatures; especially in Peierls distortion, Peierls transition.

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