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distress British & World English

Extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain

distress sale British & World English

A sale of goods or assets at reduced prices to raise much-needed funds

distress rocket British & World English

A rocket fired as a distress signal

distress signal British & World English

A signal from a ship or aircraft that is in danger

distress warrant British & World English

A warrant authorizing distraint

damsel in distress British & World English

A young woman in trouble

respiratory distress syndrome British & World English

Another term for hyaline membrane disease.

distress English Thesaurus

she was trying to conceal her distress

distress English-Spanish

angustia feminine, aflicción feminine

distress rocket English-Spanish

cohete masculine de señales

distress merchandise in distress English-Spanish

mercancía embargada en pago de una deuda

to my great distress in distress English-Spanish

para gran disgusto mío

a damsel in distress in damsel English-Spanish

una señorita en apuros

she is quite insensible to his distress in insensible English-Spanish

su angustia le es totalmente indiferente

he showed signs of distress during the race in distress English-Spanish

tuvo síntomas de agotamiento durante la carrera

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