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dread British & World English

Anticipate with great apprehension or fear

natty dread British & World English

A Rastafarian, typically a man with dreadlocks

dread English Thesaurus

I used to dread going home at night

dread English-Spanish

tenerle* terror

my greatest dread is dying of cancer in dread English-Spanish

lo que más me aterra es morir de cáncer

I dread to think what might have happened in dread English-Spanish

no quiero ni pensar en lo que podría haber pasado, me horroriza pensar en lo que podría haber pasado

he was o stood in dread of his father in dread English-Spanish

su padre lo atemorizaba, le tenía terror a su padre

we lived in constant dread of discovery/being deported in dread English-Spanish

vivíamos temiendo constantemente que nos descubrieran/deportaran